Ellie Family Services Winona Mn (2024)

1. Winona, Minnesota Therapy & Psychiatry Clinic - Ellie Mental Health

  • #LiveAuthentic with professional counseling services ... Ellie Mental Health in Winona, Minnesota isn't your average therapy clinic. We've created a comfy, ...

  • Join the Ellie Mental Health Family in Winona, Minnesota and get compassionate and personalized care in a judgment-free zone.

2. Winona, MN - CEU Training - Ellie Mental Health

  • We are conveniently located in the heart of Winona right next to Levee Park. We have an incredible group of therapists and psychiatric medication prescribers ...

  • We are conveniently located in the heart of Winona right next to Levee Park. We have an incredible group of therapists and psychiatric medication prescribers offering many care options, that may include: • Individual, couples/relational, and family therapy for all ages. • Medication management • Community Based Services, including ARMHS, CTSS, and In-home therapy We encourage our providers to show up as their “authentic-selves”, and believe that creativity and humor are both amazing tools for navigating life’s obstacles, transitions, and challenges. Our providers customize the care they provide based on you or your family’s needs. To learn more about the team here at Winona and their specialties, check out their bios below! Oh! We take most major insurance plans, private pay, and many minor insurance plans too!

3. Therapy on Your Terms | Ellie Mental Health, PLLP

  • Minnesota Clinic Locations · Find My Location · Medication Management · Services

  • Find a therapist you can vibe with at Ellie Mental Health. We provide mental health care across the US – in person and online.

4. Ellie Family Services - Winona - MinnesotaHelp.info®

5. Minnesota Clinic Locations | Ellie Mental Health, PLLP

  • Founded in St. Paul, MN. 24 Minnesota locations and growing! Welcome to Ellie Minnesota! When life has you feeling down, our qualified & compassionate ...

  • Join the Ellie Mental Health Family in Minnesota and get compassionate and personalized care in a judgment-free zone.

6. Mental Health Services | Ellie Mental Health, PLLP

  • Medication Management · Specialized Therapy Services · EMDR Therapy

  • Ellie provides comprehensive mental health services for everyone. Get the mental health care you and your family deserve in a judgment-free zone.

7. Ellie Family Services, Marriage & Family Therapist, Mendota Heights ...

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  • Ellie Family Services - Ellie Family Services, Marriage & Family Therapist, Mendota Heights, MN, 55120, (651) 583-7190, Ellie’s therapists goal is to help people have access to a coach, teacher, therapist, confidant, counselor, and most of all person to share anything from your daily blunders to deepest secrets! If it's happening in your life, we provide judgement free counseling to help handle it head on, as a team! There is a positive vibe, an intuitive conscious and we place a special focus on engaging the whole family. We like to have fun, share new skills for stress management, and solve problems, while making sure individuals and families feel supported and safe while making change!

8. Mental Health Clinic Locations | Ellie Mental Health, PLLP

9. Ellie Mental Health - Facebook

  • schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (and everywhere in between!). No matter the severity, mental health is personal and people deserve acceptance and support. We ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

10. Mental Health Resources for Students | Winona State University

  • Ellie Family Services · Family and Children's Center · Hiawatha Valley Mental ... Winona, MN 55987 507.457.5000 | 800.342.5978. Rochester Campus. 859 30th Ave SE

  • WSU wants to ensure all students receive the support they need. If you or a friend are struggling with mental health, here are some resources to help.

11. Ellie Family Services PLLP - DHS License Lookup

  • Note: This Mental Health Clinic is currently certified according to the requirements in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 245I which became effective October 17, ...

  • Ellie Family Services Bielenberg652 BIELENBERG DR STE 104Woodbury, MN 55125

12. Psychiatry Services in Minnesota | Ellie Mental Health

  • Wondering if mental health medication is the right choice for you? Ellie can help with psychiatry services at a Minnesota clinic near you.

13. Ellie Mental Health - MN: Mental Health Practitioner - WayUp

  • Ellie Mental Health - MN. Mental Health Practitioner. Winona, MN. Full Time. Paid. Apply. Responsibilities ... Ellie Family Services, PLLP complies with ...

  • Learn more about the Mental Health Practitioner position available at Ellie Mental Health - MN. View qualifications, responsibilities, compensation details and more!

14. Ellie Mental Health - Providence Directory

  • Home FIND CARE NONMEMBERS CARE TYPE PROVIDERS SEARCH RESULTS Ellie Mental Health ... MN 55987-3456 111 Riverfront Ste 103, Winona, MN 55987-3456 ... Center, MN ...

  • Providence Health Plan Directory - Ellie Mental Health

15. Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports - Help Me Connect

  • Ellie Family Services - Bloomington 8011 34th Ave S, Bloomington, MN, 55425 ... Family and Children's Center - Minnesota Headquarters 601 Franklin St, Winona, MN ...

  • Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS) is a flexible range of mental health and rehabilitation services for children and youth (birth – 21 years) who need varying levels of intervention services in their homes or elsewhere in the community. CTSS combines therapy with skills training to support children in reaching their appropriate developmental and social functioning levels. Individual goals are set so children and families are able to see measurable progress and services are delivered using various treatment modalities that are child/family specific.

Ellie Family Services Winona Mn (2024)
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