How To Enter Candulhallow’s Tombstones - Baldur's Gate 3 (2024)

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Candulhallow’s Tombstones is a hidden location that serves as a front for the secretive Murder Tribunal. Accessing this tombstone shop and entering the Bhaalist Crypt within it is essential to progress with the Impress the Murder Tribunal and Investigate the Murders questlines in the game.

In this guide, I will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to find and enter BG3 Candulhallow’s Tombstones, along with the passphrase required to unlock the door.

Where to Find the BG3 Candulhallow’s Tombstones

To find Candulhallow’s Tombstones, go northwest of the Basilisk Gate in the Lower City. You’ll find the tombstone shop northeast of the Elfsong Tavern. Look for an abandoned-looking building with a tombstone sign out front. That’s where you’ll find the entrance to Candulhallow’s Tombstones.

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How to Enter Candulhallow’s Tombstones in BG3

You might have gotten a key to Candulhallow’s Tombstones if you’ve finished some quests prior. You get this key by beating Dolor, the main suspect in the Open Hand Temple Murders quest. If you have the key, just use it to unlock the door and go into the shop. However, if you don’t have the key, you can still get in by lockpicking the front door or destroying it with melee attacks.

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Once inside Candulhallow Tombstones in BG3, head to the back office room. Look for a painting titled “Butterfly on Skull” mounted on the wall opposite the bookshelf. This painting conceals a hidden button that reveals the entrance to the Bhaalist Crypt. To reveal the button, remove the painting from the wall.

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Press the button behind the painting to trigger the movement of the bookshelf, which will slowly slide away, uncovering the secret door leading to the Bhaalist Crypt.

To enter the Bhaalist Crypt, you need to know the passphrase. You can find it on the Torn and Bloody Page looted from Dolor, the serial killer you encounter during the quests related to the Murder Tribunal. The passphrase is “Sicarius“.

Once you have successfully entered the Bhaalist Crypt, proceed with caution. The crypt is heavily trapped with grease barrels that can ignite if triggered. To avoid triggering the traps, stay on the brick path to the right and enter the door to the Murder Tribunal’s antechamber.

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How To Enter Candulhallow’s Tombstones - Baldur's Gate 3 (2024)
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