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Chapter 2242

The genius remembers the address of the site in one second: the driver immediately started the car and left. Fitz was very disappointed seeing the commercial car leaving the villa yard. This evening was almost more difficult than the night when he and Zara were kidnapped. At that time, he and Zara werefacing dangers to their lives. But tonight, he has experienced a series of changes such as his father being exposed to an illegitimate daughter, his parents’ relationship changes, his father’s momentary loss of power, and being sent to Australia.

He was not only worried about his parents' feelings, worried about his father's future, but also worried about his future. Before tonight, my father is the next heir to the entire Banks Familyy. And he is naturally the heir to the next generation. However, the changes tonight have changed everything. The father has lost his father's favor and trust. If he loses his power and fails to recover, his future will be gloomy. Remember that

If you let the second uncle James be the heir, he would not even have a chance! The worried Fitz returned to his sister's room in despair. At this time, Zara was still checking photos of male passengers at Japanese airports in front of his computer.

Seeing Fitz coming back, Zara glanced at him and asked a little angrily: "What did Dad want to do with you? Did you make an excuse to clean up yourself?"

"No" Fitz sighed: " Hey! Dad was driven to Australia by Grandpa!"

"What?!" Zara blurted out in shock: "Dad was driven to Australia? When was this?"

"Just now." Fitz said with a sad face: "Dad has packed his luggage and left, the airport where James took him to."

Zara asked in a puzzled way: "Why did Grandpa drive Dad to Australia?! From the beginning to the end, the relationship with Dad was nothing more than Xion’s relationship with him. He was taken as Dad. It's not a big deal to expose an illegitimate daughter, grandpa, why is it?"

Fitz said: "Dad said, grandpa wants him to carry the pot."

Zara's heart suddenly trembled, and he blurted out: "It’s okay, it’s okay. Dad is going. Grandpa must buckle all the sh*t bowls on him.” After that, Zara said nervously, “I think, grandpa might make an announcement. The decision to betray Xion was made by his dad! That way, he would be able to get rid of the infamy of betraying his granddaughter, and his dad would be burdened with betraying his own daughter!"

Fitz said helplessly: "This is also a matter of no choice. Grandpa asked Dad to leave tonight, and Dad can't help but leave."

Zara looked at Fitz and said seriously, "Brother, the Banks’ house may be changing now."

Fitz asked "You feel it too?"

Zara nodded solemnly, and said solemnly: "Brother, I don't care about money or power. Anyway, I am a girl, and it is impossible for me to inherit much property,but you It’s not the same. If our dad can’t stand up again this time, then you will be over in the future."

Fitz covered his face and said sadly, "But what can I do? I can see that Grandpa is eager to shake the pot now. The best person to dump the pot is our dad." After that, he said again: "Moreover, the pot of betraying his own daughter is too cruel. Once this charge is confirmed to our dad, then our dad will be in the minds of outsiders, It's just a ruthless image, and the influence must be extremely bad. If you just hit this point, grandpa will never let him inherit the position of Banks Familyy Patriarch." At this point, Fitz sighed quietly: "Hey, our family, maybe From then on, I can't get up again"

Zara's beautiful eyebrows wrinkled tightly. She clenched her neat little white teeth, and resolutely said: "No! We must help our father take back the position of heir!"

Fitz blurted out. "How to take it?!"

Chapter 2241Chapter 2243

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Read The Charismatic Charlie Wade novel Chapter 2242 (2024)
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