The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 22 Novels & Books (2024)

  • The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray


    Six years ago, he disappeared silently! After six years, he becomes the unparalleled "God of War" and returns with glory, only to find that he has a daughter whom he never knew of. Looking at his wife and his daughter, he says, "In this lifetime, I'll bring you the greatest honor and glory!”

  • Charismatic Charlie Wade


    Charlie Wade, who was the live-in son-in-law that everyone despised, but his real identity as the heir of a prominent family remained a secret. He swore that one day, those who shunned him would kneel before him and beg for mercy, eventually!

  • The charismatic Charlie wade


  • CEO's Crazy Obsession


    (Mature Content, No rape!) Charlie Parker, a 27-year-old CEO and hotel owner in San Diego, is cold and reserved, having remained single for two years following a tragic event in his life. Fear continues to dominate him until he encounters Angelica Mahoe, a 22-year-old beautiful girl who captures his heart at first sight.He saves Angelica from the cruelty of her fiancé, Darren, helping her break free from poverty and entering into an intimate yet ambiguous relationship due to his lingering fear of the past.Angelica feels torn, gradually becoming uncomfortable, especially as she must continually hide their intimacy from her mother, who desires her to marry—a stark contrast to Charlie, who avoids labeling their relationship."If you love me, you should marry me; it's what my mother wants," she says, her voice trembling."We can't get married..." Charlie responds, his gaze intense."In that case, let me go... I can't defy my mother's wishes, and I can't stay with you if you don't believe I can help you out of your suffering!" Angelica struggles, wanting to pull away, but Charlie firmly grasps her hand."You can be with me, even without marriage...""But I can't!""But you have to!"Angelica finds it difficult to break free from Charlie, who has become obsessed with her. She feels scared and wants to run, yet she hesitates due to the deep love she feels for Charlie.As everything becomes complicated, forcing her to choose between obeying her mother or understanding Charlie, Angelica is confronted by Darren's reappearance, who still wants her...What should she do?And what will Charlie do to keep her?Will Charlie reveal all her secrets?story by mecover by pinterest

  • The Art Collector and His Billionaire Lover


    “I want to kiss you.” He stroked my neck slowly. “You are playing with fire,” I breathed.“Burn me,” he whispered.***The Malta elite society never interacts with the lower class. This did not stop art curator Wade Malkiel from falling in love at first sight with Vaughn Everette, the mayor’s son. But things did not go as planned, and Vaughn rejected Wade, so he vowed never to trust anyone and closed his heart to the feeling of love. He left Malta for Italy where he spent ten years until the ultimate demise of his godfather forced him to return home to Malta.His return to Malta catches everyone off-guard especially now that he is no longer the poor boy but a rich man whose investments span the entire elite society businesses.Will Wade be able to open his heart again to Vaughn after the heartbreak that ended in him leaving Malta? The Art Collector and His Billionaire Lover is created by Anna Baibe, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.



    Dragons, elves, pirates, and space! Follow Aaron as he travels through a game world to gain clues to his dead mother's past, clues that would open up a new world for him. All while trying to balance a child and a multibillion corporation left to him by a grandfather, who was more father than grandfather. A scheming family, an assassin old maid, and a possible romance, all lead to a wild ride as two very different lives clash to make up the life of Aaron Wade. Disclaimer: don't own the image, just got it off the internet. Also if there are any similarities to persons, living or dead, or to other forms of media, I'm in no way whatsoever connected to them, unless it's to my other novels. There would be mentions and similarities to other media works, I repeat this is a completely original work and I don't own them neither am i connected to them in anyway.

  • Charlie wade

  • Restarting Chapter, Book Finale



    She runaway, runaway from the betrayal of those she trusted the most.Two years later, Amethyst Evans had settled but nothing changed.She was still being chased by her nightmarish past that keeps her health declining every time the end of the year would come.What was the purpose of running away then? If she can't leave the clutches of their betrayal?"Don't throw your life so easily when others are trying to hold on to theirs but couldn't stop the fact that they are losing it."Just as she had decided to let go, these words were like a curse that made her stay alive for another few years.Five years later, with a twist of fate she ended up becoming the assistant of her sickly neighbor, Scarlet Miller, in her path to creating her final project in this life.It was not her intention to get close to them or to find out that it was her Scarlet's brother, Slate Miller, who left her those words of curse back then.In the end, she was pulled along and by the time she realized it, she was healing.Her nightmares and her trauma, all are slowly dissipating.But will it continue this way?Or will another nightmare come to her?*****Do read my other stories:SHE'S THAT KNIGHT KNOWN AS ZERO (COMPLETED)VENGEANCE TO THE ROYAL ONES (COMPLETED)COMING FOR THE LAST FOURTEENTH (COMPLETED)VERACITY OF THE PAST (COMPLETED)REBIRTH: STUBBORNLY FULFILLING A PROMISE (ONGOING) LEFT BEHIND BY TIME (ONGOING)Some places are taken from real places. Some were just imagined. ^_^For more updates about me, here's our instagram account:'s our discord server:'s Note: Cover photo created by my younger sister... ^_^

  • charismatic wade

  • El Yerno Millonario Charly Wade...


  • Charlie wade son in law

    The story's are so sweet to read

  • It's about Avery Williams, who is special as she is not just a wolf/witch, but she got two sides: her wolf- Angelstar, and her Veela-Anglica.She is a nerd, loser, and whom everyone made fun of, even her friends called her Wallflower.Usually, when the Moon Goddess finds you your other half, one or two mates the most there will be for you. But Avery is a different werewolf, she does not have one or two mates but four mates.She fated to the four most dangerous, most popular, and most arrogant boys in school, the four horsem*n Alphas: Elijah Woods, Jake Stone, Andrew Bradford, and Matthew Steele.The four bad boys knew the whole time that she is their mate but doesn't want anyone to know, instead they hide their feelings about Avery. Avery finally finds out her mates are her bullies and torturer, but when she turns 19 on her birthday, that is when it all changes. That is when she finds out she is a Veela.Will Avery forgive them about they make a bet to see how to get her to fall in love with them? What if someone in her family's past wants her too and they kidnap her right at the dance.? What if the guys find her in time but she is married off the Vampire Prince: The Duke Conway...? Will the Quads break everything in their path to get to Avery including the walls she has built around her heart? It all remains to be seen in The Wallflower & The Alphas

  • I was fighting my way out the door. Once I got to the door. I ran outside and kept running until I got to my bike. I had a plan to jump on my bike and drive off. But I didn't get to because someone grabbed me, and I was going into my fight or flight mode. But none of that happen because I was in a tight grip. Because the person that got me in that situation where I am stuck in his arms. I know it is him because I can smell his delicious scent of Woods, Old Spies, Mint, and now I am looking up into the eyes of Jayson Woods Dark dangerous eyes.What I heard shocked me,I know it you, at first, I panic, and my heart was racing inside my chest. But then I heard what he said." I know you're my mate, but I don't know your name?" He says but then I was thankful. He has no idea who I am.He doesn't recognize me. That was when I remember I was still in costume. Because my mask was still on my face hiding my identity from everyone who was here tonight from my school.If everyone knew it was me. My secret will be out. I would be in trouble with my parents. But I need the money. It is for my mother's surgery. Three months ago, we find out she has throat cancer.So, I have been fighting underground for money for a couple of months now. To help pay for her operation.Now if I get caught! All the work will be for nothing if Jayson Woods finds out who I am.So, everyone welcome the story ofThe Badass & The Beta!

  • Pulling Away

    Noah grew up with Charlie. They’d always been friends, if not close. Noah becomes the only friend that sticks around after Charlie practically becomes a hermit.<br><br>Determined to get through to Charlie, Noah invents an identity on the computer. And while Charlie still keeps Noah at arm's length, he opens up to his new computer buddy.<br><br> Noah's dream finally comes true when his friendship with Charlie changes to include sex, but each time they are together, Charlie withdraws afterward. Every time Noah tries to get through to him, Charlie grows even more distant. Then Charlie tells Noah's disguised internet persona that he doesn't have a boyfriend, merely a neighbor with whom he has sex.<br><br>Crushed and heartbroken, Noah thinks it’s time to give up and forget Charlie ever loving him the way he loves Charlie. But is pulling away from Charlie too much for Noah to take?

  • HPRP (New Chapters in fanfic section version)



    A young man reborn into his favorite world.He was granted some request after his death, but the problem was that the granter had no control over how those request were to be granted.Watch as he grows from a single boy in the dark to a protector who wishes to light the path forward for the magical world one step at a time.————I just couldn’t read other fanfics cause this idea just kept ringing in my head. It’s my very first time writing or posting anywhere.And I obviously don’t own any of the settings, but so what? I’m doing cause I felt like it and for the fun of it.

  • Charlie Wade - El Yerno Millonario



    Vir is the last of the Vulcher race to survive the catastrophic massacre carried out by the al-Banix, the rulers of the Central Empire assisted by the four nations.Surviving the massacre at the age of seven, Vir accidentally gained immunity to various poisons after eating the heart of a wyvern in a fit of rage.As an adult, Vir became a hunter against dragon riders. Not just hunting them, Vir also killed the following riders with their dragons.He mingled with the people of the four lands, disguised as a firewood collector.One day, Vir meets a homeless little girl, and it turns out that the little girl also suffers the same fate as him.The little girl was called Aira and was the last descendant of the Asurry race. Aira inherited her ancestor's abilities as a whisperer.Vir's adventure, which was originally based solely on revenge, has now turned into something bigger: Gathering the exiles, then forming a force to build a new empire, and overthrow al-Banix's rule over eight other countries.Follow the adventures of Vir and Aira in this story, in a sad and wonderful world filled with mythical creatures.

  • The Girl With The Broken Family


    Charlie Brown, a 17 year old teenager gets kicked out of her home after a tragic incident that took the life of her father. With the burning agony of facing an ignorant mother plus a combination of pain and guilt, Charlie is forced to move in with her Aunt Rebecca from Clarksville to Orange Hill, thereby leaving her twin brother carter behind. As Charlie moved in with her aunt Rebecca, her aunt takes up her sister responsibilities in being the mother figure in Charlies life. Since her sister Munchy couldn't be a good influence in Charlies life. The main reasons Munchy hates Charlie is because she reminded her of her husband she arranged to murder, and she reminded her of herself when she was growing up. Charlie then faces changes and challenges in her once little almost perfect life, but then her world comes crumbling down slowly. One day she accidentally crosses paths with her father, whom she had loved the most. The man she had believed died in a car crash and had left her completely. Why did Munchy wanted William her husband dead so badly? How on earth is William not dead after Munchy arranged his death? How does Charlie feel inside after hearing that her father was dead? what did munchy say or do to make Charlie move to her aunt house?Read to find out what happens to Charlie and to know the answers to the questions above.

  • Golden Chapter


    Setiap orang memiliki bab emas dalam hidupnya, di mana pancapaian terbaik didapatkan. Tentu setelah melalui serangkaian proses yang mendatangkan hal baik maupun hal buruk.Untuk mencapai titik itu, He Xihuan harus menaklukkan banyak kelompok mafia dan merebut kepemimpinan. Dalam prosesnya, dia menemukan seorang anak laki-laki yang kecantikannya tersembunyi di balik kulit hitam palsu. Han Yiyue memiliki pesona alami untuk memikat orang-orang di sekitarnya dan menggiring mereka ke dalam dunia fantasi tidak bermoral. Hal itu menimbulkan keinginan He Xihuan menjadikannya homme fatale untuk dikirim kepada musuh sebagai senjata terselubung dengan tugas tertentu.Tidak pernah disangka-sangka, selama masa bergaul dengan Han Yiyue, He Xihuan malah terjerumus ke dalam rencananya sendiri. Dia jatuh cinta kepada laki-laki itu dan menginginkannya seperti orang gila.

  • One More Try

    Six years ago, Evan Alexander played first base for Richmond's minor league baseball team, the Rebels. His best friend on the team was pitcher Charlie Madison, a sexy man Evan couldn't help falling in love with. When he finally admitted his feelings, Charlie seemed to feel the same.<br><br>But the season ended and Charlie left, breaking Evan's heart. Now the divorced father of a little girl, Evan has just started putting his life back together again.<br><br>Then Charlie shows up, looking for a second chance.<br><br>Can Evan give their relationship one more try? Or will his broken heart keep him from letting Charlie back into his life?

  • The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 22 Novels & Books (2024)
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