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Some Great Articles On Website Design

We’re always on the look out for good articles on Website Design and related information. Sometimes if there are not any on a particular subject we feel needs some explanation we’ll write them ourselves. One of the key factors in keeping itĀ  simple is to not constantly re-invent the wheel. If there is already a great article, get permission to use it (most authors love to have thier articles used as long as you give them credit). This can be a big time and effort savings for you and allow you to provide great content for your audience.

SEO in Website Design

Here’s a fact that may not surprise many, 80% of Internet Users use a search engine to find websites of interest. It’s estimated that over 2 billion people have Internet access in one way or another. So that 80% translates into 1.6 billion people use search engines.

Website Design Is More Than Just A Pretty Face!

Looking good is always a positive thing but you also need valuableĀ  content to get visitors attention. Good content is what brings visitors back too. Give them what they want and make it easy to find it.

Defining Your
Target Audience

If you don’t know and understand who your target audience is you will never be successful. Always do your research and determine what your visitors really want.

It's Not About You!

It’s about your visitor, not you. User engagement is the key to success with any website. Most visitors are looking for something of value to them, not necessarily you.

Want To Know What Your Customers Want? Just Ask.

A great way to get feedback on your website, content, and products or services is to ask. Most people love surveys and often will participate, especially if you sweeten the deal.