Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you’ll find answers to all your questions below. If not, then just shoot us an email and we’ll do our best to provide additional information. You can download our Website Design Planing Guide by clicking here: jdWebWorks Website Design Planning Guide. You can then save it to your desktop or where ever you want on your computer. This is a great tool for when we discuss any new website project with new client.

What products do you sell?

In addition to our Website Design, we also have our Ready Made Websites which are basically templates on steroids. You can learn more in the Ready Made Website FAQ section below.

Do you offer web hosting?

Nope, we did at one time but no longer do web hosting. The main reason we stopped is that are there are many good choices available now and we prefer creative work rather than server management.

How much does a web site cost?

┬áThis is another factor that depends on how much time we need to spend on preparation and design. If you want to sell directly from your site, take orders and process payments, there is some additional software you will need to purchase too. There is also some cost involved in the process of obtaining your domain name and hosting space on a web server. It’s difficult to give a ballpark, but if you can provide a list of services and capabilities you need we can give you an estimate. As you increase size and diversity the cost will increase.

How do you price your services?

We work on an hourly rate or project basis. It can depend on the individual service and resources but we always provide an estimate and guarantee to be within 10%. Troubleshooting can be more difficult to estimate but we always keep our clients informed as we work. If you are on a tight budget, you should definitely check out our Ready Made Websites. They can get you up and running at a very reasonable price and also are much quicker to modify and adapt to your needs. And you can always expand them to fit any future needs.

How long does it take to put up a web site?

That depends on the nature of your company, products, and how many pages you will initially need to meet your goals. If you have a good idea of what you want and already have company brochures and literature, it can go fairly quickly, lets say a week. If you need a new domain, domain registration and other requirements will add a day or two. If we need to design the site form scratch, help with writing the copy, edit graphics and photos it can take up to several weeks.

We have a web site but have been disappointed in our response. Can you help?

Unfortunately, you are not alone. Many companies throw up a web site and find out that what they were told would happen doesn’t. The Internet is a big place and it’s easy to go unnoticed if you don’t properly design and market your company products or services. This is one of our specialties, taking a lack luster site and turning it into a profitable venture. There’s a lot more to it than just designing a visually pleasing site. Shoot us an email at Muligan@jdwebworks.com and we’ll be glad to setup an appointment discuss the possibilities with you.

Do you offer trouble shooting and repair?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is most times. The caveat is there are so many themes and plugins that are poorly coded that have no quick or easy “fix”. We see it all the time, the theme or plugin gets an update and all heck breaks loose. Or the publisher didn’t adhere to the basic requirements and something is going bump in the night. Sure, we can go into the code and fix many things, but that is never the best choice since it may break again on the next update.

Do you provide monthly service/maintenance?

Yep, but it’s often nominal. When we design a website for someone we setup automated features for backups, problem alerts, and automated emails on status. We also provide some training that allows most users to add articles, posts, and make many minor changes themselves. If you ever do need help we’re just a phone call away too. Regardless of what others may say, you don’t need a lot of maintenance if the website is properly setup.

Frequently Asked Questions - Ready Made Websites

Since our Ready Made Websites have been very popular we created this FAQ especially for them. Still have questions? Just shoot us an email.

Sorry - We Have Moved Our Ready Made Websites!

Templates VS Websites, What's the difference?

A website template is more of a look and feel scenario. There’s not much going on the backend. Whereas our Ready Made Websites have all the plugins, features, and best practices built right in the design. As we alsways preach, looking good is important but user engagement is the bottom line and that’s what we add to a template to make it a real Ready Made Website. And ours come with hands on training too.

How much time do you save with a RMW?

Quite a bit. The design effort requires a lot of choices that many people want to review before making any final decisions. So it can get a lot of back and forth which takes time. Most RMW’s can be up and going in 3 days whereas a custom design can easily go 3 weeks or more. It depends on the depth and width of the content but most of the time an RMW is very fast to get up and running.

How much money do you save with a RMW?

Quite a bit compared to a custom designed website. With a few key changes the look and feel can be totally different than the original RMW. Even a small custom designed website would be well above double the price of any of the RMW options. And the time and effort savings is a big factor too.

Can you expand a RMW after the initial install?

You bet. If you have some additional functionality that you would like to add after 6 months for whatever reasons it’s very economical and easy. The core structure is in place so adding features is much easier and quicker. And with our initial training and some hands on experience you may only need a little help to do it yourself.

What changes or updates can you do with a RMW?

That’s an easy questions. You can change everything you see as far as design, color scheme, and content. Think of it as a wire design that can adapt to many different scenarios faster than a design from scratch. You also have all the plugins needed for the automated tasks.

Can we upgrade our current website with a RMW?

Sure, on the Local or Nothing But Net versions you can adapt the design and move over all the content from your current website. That way you can get a fresh design but hold the value on your current content. It’s a win-win situation for many older websites.

Who isn't a good fit for a RMW?

That’s a good question. If you have a current website with some high end features like a membership website or one which requires a secure login a RMW would really not be a good fit. If you require any unique backend functionality I would suggest going with a complete new website design.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance on a RMW?

There’s not much of any type of maintenance for an RMW. They come with automated backup, alerts, and troubleshooting. Now if you want to add a feature at some future date there would be some cost but that’s really the only time you would ever incur any additional cost.