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So Why Did We Move Our Ready Made Websites To A New Location And Website?

Most of our visitors are looking to create a new website, and often are starting a new business. So once they decide to go with us, we spend a lot of time discussing many issues that really don’t directly relate to website design. Your website is a huge part of starting a business but there is a lot more to it than just design. So I decided to come up with a new business package to go with any new website.

This allowed me to offer a lot more than just website design at a very reasonable cost. And it also saves me and my client a lot of time. And the client gets a much bigger bang for his bucks.

This package deal comes in two flavors, one with two Ready Made Websites, a one page and five page versions. And one with just the How To Start An Online Business Guide only. Both are the best deal you will ever see on starting a business or buying a Ready Made Website. Please go check it out and see if you think it’s a great deal. It’s not for everyone but for the people that it fits, you won’t find anything better.

OK, back to our jd WebWorks information. I often get phone calls or emails from people who start the conversation with something about how expensive website design is and how they can find a better deal. And I totally understand when they start telling me how they got 2-3 bids that were high, higher, and insane. How high? Well just a few days ago I had a guy call about a website for an import company he just started. He has three brands with about 125 products total. And he also wanted a logo, customer support and inventory system, and autoresponder system.

So he went to 3-4 websites that he found and provided them with essentially what I just said and asked for an estimate. Two out of the four said sure but we need a lot more specific information. And two emailed him a very basic quote with a lot of disclaimers. The two prices were $15,000 and $22,000. That kind of stopped him in his tracts. His expectations were that the prices would be around $2500 – $3000. And I asked him how he arrived at his guesstimate, and he thought for a minute and said I think someone along the way had mentioned he could get a pretty nice website for that amount.

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate

OK, the basic problem here is not necessarily the prices but more the nature of the beast he was trying to get a price to create. And the price he got of $2500-$3000 was reasonable for a normal Local Business and or Online Business with all the basics (around 25-30 pages of information with a little photo editing, copy writing, etc.). Maybe even less if purchaser had everything ready to go.

But a good sized Ecommerce website has a lot of functionality and moving parts that can be expensive due to the increased amount of work. Website buyers who have designers doing data entry are not getting the best deal since you can get data entry work done for around $10 an hour verses the designer’s hourly rate which can be $50 per hour on the low side. And someone needs to do all the data entry for all those items and it can be a lot of data depending on the nature of the products (colors, sizes, etc).

This kind of communication problem occurs all the time since many people are not familiar with the jargon and process of website design. That’s why we have a Website Planning Guide so new clients can get a good idea of what’s possible and better understand what they may or may not need for their particular website. And we also like to have at least a short 10-20 discussion via email or phone to talk about the basics and answer any questions up front.

Surprisingly Enough, Sometimes We Recommend Someone Else

So in this case I suggested he go check out the big platforms for Ecommerce websites like Shopify, Magento, Yokart. or WooCommerce if he’s going to go with WordPress. They all have templates and many of the functions he needs built in so you save time and money. I also suggested he might want to narrow down his initial amount of products to 10 of the best sellers from each of the brands. That would speed up the process and save him a few bucks in the beginning too. He could always expand his selection later.

Our Ready Made Websites would be great for small Ecommerce websites at 15-20 products but I would never suggest them for what this caller described. That’s an important aspect of affordable website design for small businesses is to choose the right guy/gal or company to do the work. I offered a few more tips and then gave the caller a few people’s numbers I knew that specialized in bigger Ecommerce websites.

So if you want to save some money and time, find a good template or Ready Made Website that fits your needs. Sometimes ours will be a good fit, sometimes not and we’ll tell you upfront. I always like to say our customer service is our number one product. And as it turned out, we did do some work for this guy on his marketing so all’s well that ends well.

Two Versions

One Page Website

This website is designed for local businesses and focuses on both location and particular business. Both articles and Blog Posts are included. Service, Support, and Product or Services details can be added. Great for small business who are retail or wholesale companies that deal directly with the public onsite.

Full 5 Page Website

This is for an Online Business that may be local walk in business or just online. Location is not a factor and all business can be transacted over the Internet. Great for services or products offered anywhere. Digital products or services are perfect for this version. Location is not a concern and products or services are often digital although you could use for physical products too.

Why Choose One Of Our Ready Made Websites?

Time Saving

There are a lot of good reasons people may use one of our Ready Made Websites. Very often they have a horrendous deadline due to their project, or they have an idea and want something quick to test the response, or perhaps they have everything ready to go but haven't got the skills or time to learn the skills to create and design their own website.

Content Creation

They fail to mention you need to do a whole lot more to get the website up and functional than the base install. You also need to have all the material like photos, written content, colors, layout style, and etc. Then you probably will need necessary plug-ins (small software programs that add functionality that is not in WordPress) to do special things.

Budget Constraints

They may also have budget constraints along with time issues. And about 60-70% have already bought template or found a free template but just can't get them to work. Everywhere you look on the Internet they tell you that WordPress is very easy and you can install it in 10 minutes or less. Which is true, kind of, but not really. The devil is in the details.

User Engagement

User engagement is the key to success on any website. And that also is a whole new world to many. And if you are under the gun on a deadline it never helps the learning process. Just knowing how to "kind of use WordPress" doesn't help any on the user engagement side of the equation. Trying to create the design and keep focused on the user can be a challenge.

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Sorry, We No Longer Offer Our Ready Made Websites Here. We have Moved Them To A New Website.

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Standard Features For Both


We use the OceanWP Theme and Elementor Page Builder for easy and flexible design and features. Both these programs offer a tremendous advantage for new users.


We install the best essential plug-ins
for backup, forms, SEO, Page Builder, migration, pop-ups, and image compression.


Page Templates

Basic and advanced page templates for any special pages. There are many combinations and flexible designs to customize and implement.


Each Ready Made Website comes with free installation and basic training. This is hands on using remote control on your desktop. You can even record it for future reference.